The story of
bis bis

The difference between an ordinary event and a winning one is the attention to the small details.

And that’s what we at Bis Bis do – special attention in every bite. We care that you deserve all the compliments you will receive from your guests, that they will not want to forget their hospitality.

Our chef, he will choose the best raw materials, young and fresh vegetables and fruits, and we will turn them into a spectacular mosaic of colors and flavors.

Bis Bis created and innovates all the time – for you a diverse and unique product basket, suitable for any event and including:

Hospitality trays – luxurious platters of fine cheeses, smoked fish, antipasti, vegetables and fruits. Regular/personal pies, tortillas, sandwiches/sandwiches gourmet breads, baked for you in the leading bakeries, and with a wide variety of fillings. Live salads in amazing combinations and designs.

And for dessert, great petit fours made by the hand of an artist and with magical flavors.

Bis Bis also knows how to design a perfect event for you using advanced decorations, bar arrangements and active serving stations.

Bis Bis has a reputation based on many years of experience working with huge companies. One of the leaders in the economy, starting with regular supplies, and ending with office events and launches product, conferences, toasts and fun days for employees.
Kosher of the Ramat Gan rabbinate and Hadrin Ramat Gan.